Drill Fill

Also available in various lengths for retrofit; see your dealer for details.

| Quick-Mount Drill Fill

It's on or off fast with one single mounting pin - no tools required. The 6" diameter by 15½' long auger allows full tarping of the load. There's also a convenient remote on/off control on the 14" telescoping downspout.

The 4.2 cu. in. hydraulic motor with standard 12V solenoid control is located at the bottom of the auger requiring minimal plumbing.

| Side Mount Drill Fill

The 11', 16' and 21' models mount quickly to any truck using the included bracket. This model also includes a safety shielded intake, long handled feed control and telescoping 14’ downspout as standard features and is powered by a 4.2 cu. in. hydraulic motor. An optional 12V solenoid control valve with remote on/off control is also available.

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