MK Series

The New Generation Westfield MK Series

A practical and economical mechanical drive swing-hopper auger...

Only Westfield, North America's leading manufacturer of grain augers with years of proven field experience, could build such a simple, uncomplicated, efficient and affordable mechanical drive auger.

The new generation Westfield MK series augers are fast and efficient, simple and dependable, labor-saving and easy to use. Exactly what you want in a grain auger.

MK Series Model Options

MK80, MK100, MK130plus.


No matter what your farm size, Westfield makes an auger model to meet your grain handling needs!

All MK Series swing away grain augers offer:
  • An "A" frame undercarriage provides stability in transport and working positions
  • Choose 8", 10" or 13" diameters in lengths from 51' to 111' with capacities up to 9,600 bushels per hour (262 tonnes/hr)
  • Equipped with heavy duty constant velocity(CV) PTO shaft to eliminate vibrations for smoother running and less stress on the drive train

Use this handy tool to find the right product for your needs. Answer a series of questions to arrive at a product recommendation.


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